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TrueHarvest Farms is a hydroponic leafy greens farm rooted in the heart of Central Texas. We offer the most premium, fresh, and nutritious lettuce grown using the most innovative and forward-thinking techniques, never sacrificing quality, food safety, or sustainability.

  • Pesticide Free Pesticide-Free

    Our bio-pest control program allows us to maintain our healthy produce without the use of dangerous pesticides. Simply put, we use the good guys to get rid of the bad guys!

  • Large Yellow Gears icon - Automation Automation

    Our automation ensures a perfect environment for our produce while producing large volumes with great consistency and as little human interaction as possible.

  • Refresh Leaf Large icon - Sustainable Sustainability

    We strive to take the extra step in sustainability starting with our zero waste program, using biodegradable growing film and recycling our natural resources. Good for your family, good for the earth.