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TrueHarvest Farms - Rooted in Belton TX.

TrueHarvest Farms


TrueHarvest Farms is a controlled environment hydroponic farm located in Central Texas. Founded in 2017, TrueHarvest Farms is the evolution of a family hay and pecan farm now over 40 years old. So whether it is the “family roots” or the “plant roots,” we are truly Rooted in Belton, Texas.

Our leafy greens are grown using the most sustainable and forward thinking techniques available.  This process ensures that our produce is not only good for the consumer, but also the earth.  TrueHarvest Farms is one of only a handful of farms to have earned a Food Safety Score of 100% through Primus Labs. 

We are proud to offer the freshest and safest produce available.

Why Choose Us?

TrueHarvest Farms aims to be a high quality vegetable producer. Currently specializing in leafy greens, our focus is to deliver produce that leaves the consumer with a remarkable taste experience.

Pesticide Free

Our greens are grown without using any chemical pesticides in a controlled environment.​

365 Days A Year

TrueHarvest Farms grows fresh and pesticide-free head lettuce locally in the controlled environment of a greenhouse 365 days a year.

Lettuce Roots


We only use naturally developed and non genetically modified seeds.​

Greenhouse Automation​

TrueHarvest Farms uses an automated growing system optimized for head lettuce production.​

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TrueHarvest Farms 100% Score Primus GFS

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