Texans Deserve the Best.

Texas is home to some of the greatest culinary professionals. We are proud to support these establishments by helping them create a true farm to table experience for their customers. With our farm located in the heart of Central Texas, you can hang your hat on shorter lead times and longer shelf life with our produce…guaranteed!

Our Programs


Our automation allows us to produce large volumes of produce with great consistency, while keeping produce safe from human touch, while the greenhouse does its job to ensure a perfect environment

Bio Pest Control

Our bio-pest control program allows us to maintain our healthy produce without the use of dangerous pesticides. Simply put, we use the good guys to rid the bad guys!

Cold Storage

Under our HAACP/ Food Safety program, maintaining the cold storage from harvest to delivery is a hot topic. We have it covered…so to speak.

Our Produce & Services


Our growing facility allows us to grow multiple varieties of premium head lettuce and microgreens. Does your company want a unique product that differs from the competition? You tell us your needs and we can create a custom plan to meet the challenge.

Quality PLUS Quantity

As your partner, we are capable of meeting high volume demands with a freshness and shelf life that is superior to any produce on the market.


At TrueHarvest Farms, we have the flexibility to package to YOUR desired specs. Whether it’s our label or yours, bulk or singles, you can rest assure your customer is getting the same great tasting produce every time.

Locally Grown Fresh Produce. In the Heart of Central Texas.

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